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The role of a preceptor is to mentor and evaluate paramedic and EMT students in the field setting. Although EMS students receive extensive classroom and hospital clinical instruction, they are taught how their profession works on the streets. Guidance during the early stages of their careers by experienced paramedic and Emergency Medical Technician preceptors is key to producing quality EMS professionals.

The role of the preceptor is to:

1. Orient the student to pre-hospital policies, procedures, and equipment specific to your service.

2. Review with each student the knowledge, skills, and personal behaviors/attitudes required of an entry-level practitioner as defined by the Field Internship Objectives and the Ambulance Ride Evaluation Form.

3. Ensure the student in obtains the experiences necessary to acquire the knowledge, skills, and personal behaviors/attitudes required of an entry-level practitioner.

4. Use the Field Internship objectives to guide the student through a structured sequence of experiences which begins with the student functioning primarily as an observer, progresses to participation as a team member, and ends with the student acting as a team leader and directing the management of calls.

5. Based on the student’s clinical experience and skill, provide supervision which is adequate and appropriate to assuring effective and efficient learning.

6. Provide the student with feedback and evaluation regarding his/her clinical performance related to the objectives for an entry-level practitioner.

7. Provide objective written and oral evaluations to the EMS Program, documenting the student's progress toward mastery of the Field Internship Objectives and attainment of entry-level competency.

8. Attest to the student's attainment of entry-level competency through completion of the Preceptor's Statement of Entry-Level Competency.

9. Advise the EMS Program immediately of any significant problems with student knowledge, skills, or personal behaviors/attitudes that require immediate intervention.

10. Work with the EMS Program faculty in remediation of problems with student performance.

11. Work with the EMS Program in the on-going evaluation and improvement of the Program's curricula and instructional methodologies.

12. Communicate openly, effectively, and objectively with the EMS program faculty on a routine basis throughout the field internship.