General Information

How to Register for a Test
Testing Lab Rules of Conduct


Testing Services
1080 S. Silver Springs Road
Room 105
Cape Girardeau, MO 63705
(573) 334-0826 Ext. 6509

8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday




  • Photo ID is required for all testing.

  • Only examinees are allowed into the testing room.

  • Testing Center staff cannot watch unattended children. Make childcare arrangements prior to arriving for your test appointment.

  • Examinees are continuously monitored during their assessment. Testing sessions may be monitored and recorded via video/audio surveillance equipment to ensure a quiet and fair testing environment.

  • Examinees will follow the instructions of the Assessment Center staff, represent themselves honestly, and conduct themselves quietly to avoid interfering with the performance of other examinees.

  • Examinees will neither give nor receive any form of unauthorized assistance during the examination or any breaks.

  • ALL electronic devices, mechanical pencils and personal items must be stored outside the testing room in the lockers provided, except for those provided by or expressly approved by the Assessment Center staff.

  • Examinees will not bring into the testing room any unauthorized items such as, gum, food, drinks, purses, briefcases, backpacks, head coverings, pagers, notes, note pads, or photographic equipment.

  • Examinees will be provided earplugs upon request.

  • Examinees must immediately notify Assessment Center staff of any adverse testing conditions. If they have questions or concerns about the test or environment, examinee should quietly leave the testing room and notify Assessment Center staff.

  • Examinee must notify Assessment Center staff every time they enter or leave the testing room.

  • Examinee cannot access personal belongings during breaks without prior approval of Assessment Center staff.

  • The use of tobacco products is strictly prohibited on the Career and Technology campus.

  • Please be advised: If you smoke or wear excessive perfume or cologne or exhibit any strong-smelling odors on the day of your exam you may be asked to reschedule your exam. These odors may be disruptive to other examinees and those with allergies.

  • Examinee will not remove any written, printed, or recorded materials of their examination from the Assessment Center.

  • Examinee understands that any breach in testing policies may result in immediate dismissal and cancellation of their scores.