Charles Parsons - Digital Media
Posted on 06/18/2018
Charles Parsons

Tell me about your current career/job?  

As of this writing, I am the Media Manager for Relentless, Inc. – a film and digital media company.  We create commercials and    digital content for clients such as Case IH, Nike, and the Make a Wish Foundation. 

Aside from being responsible for all of our clients’ digital assets, my daily activities include writing, cinematography, video editing, digital graphics, and various aspects of social    media. I get to travel, play with new technology, and collaborate with other creatives.

 How did your CTC training prepare you for your career? 

From day one, I received    practical training on the same types of techniques and equipment that I now use in the field every day.  My experience at the CTC has allowed me to be a knowledgeable and      adaptable asset through all stages of production.  

Did you further your education after leaving CTC? 

Though I didn’t pursue any formal education beyond my time at the CTC, I continue to learn every day through research and experience.  I work in a highly technical field, so it’s important to be a lifelong student.  

Career and Technology Center is a good choice because  Career and Technical Education is a good choice because it is focused and intensive.  It provides a solid foundation with pertinent knowledge that you can apply immediately and achieve results.