The Payroll Specialist is responsible for processing monthly and semi-monthly payrolls, leave request, tax withholding(s), direct deposits, W-4 Form changes, garnishment of wages, and voluntary deductions for employee paychecks. 

Phone: 573-335-1867
Email: [email protected]

Payroll Calendar

Time Clock
       TimeClock Guidelines
       Training Video
       Toggling between Overtime and Comp Time

       Manager TimeClock Guidelines
       Removal of Automatic Break TimeClock Guidelines
       Training Video

Direct Deposit Authorization 
Payroll Options 
Monthly Check Disbursement Example 
Federal W-4
Missouri W-4
Overtime PreAuth Form

Leave & Time Reporting 
Using the SISFin Employee Portal 
Completing Your Time Sheet Guidelines
Time Sheet Q & A
Employee Time Sheet

Payroll Related Links
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