The Cape School District offers a comprehensive benefits package to all eligible employees. Employees are eligible for benefits on the first day of the month after hire. 


Phone: 573-335-1867

Carrier Contact Information 

 Members Services  Telephone Number  Provider Website
 Mutual Medical  800-448-4689  
  •  Medical 
Ask for Debbie Norris       
Network Provider:
Outside of Missouri:
  •  Dental 
Ask for Monica  No Network 
 Express Script  800-818-0093
 Sonus Benefits  573-803-3303  
  •  Life
  •  Vision 
  •  Flexible Spending Account 

Health Insurance Information 
Summary Plan and Plan Description
Major Medical Plan (PPO)
Health Savings Account Plan (HSA)
Medical Reimbursement Plan (MRP)
Affordable Care Plan (ACP)
Maxi I/II (Maxi)

Flexible Spending Account - TASC
"Flex System Participant Reference Guide" 
Request for Reimbursement Form 

403(b)Tax-Sheltered Annuity 
PSRS/PEERS Retirement System 

Privacy Information 
New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options and Your Health Coverage
Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 (WHCRA)
Children's Health Insurance Program Re-authorization Act Notice

General Information 
Summary Comparison of Medical Coverage Options
Dental Benefits 
EyeMed Vision Benefit Summary
Premium Rates (Medical, Dental, and Vision) 
Lab  Services 
Affordable Care Act Mandated Preventive Services
Annual Notices 
Glossary of Health Care Terms 
EAP Pamphlet

Alternative Claim Form (for ACP, MAXI, and MRP Plan reimbursements)
Dental Enrollment 
EyeMed Enrollment/Change
EyeMed Out-of-Network Claim
Health Savings Account (HSA) Enrollment
Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Enrollment
Express Script Mail Order
Express Script Maintenance Medication ESI